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Acceleration in growth rates of CCP companies’ fundamentals-test

Marcellus’ CCP companies grew their revenues in 3QFY22 (vs 3QFY20) at 19% CAGR. This is significantly higher than: a) the 17% revenue growth reported over FY14-19 (i.e. prior to Covid-19); and b) the 16% revenue CAGR that was reported in 2QFY22 (vs 2QFY20). The drivers of this acceleration can be categorized into two types. Firstly, […]

Test Newsletter

igh volatility in an equity portfolio creates zones of ‘excitement’ and ‘fear’ based on recent performance. This adversely affects the quality of decision making by equity investors. As a result, historically, investor returns in Indian equity funds have been lower than fund returns across different periods. Similarly, a recent example from the US – NYSE […]

Asian Paints vs Sherwin Williams: Different Paths to Dominance

The moats created by dominant franchises in India differ from their counterparts in the West due to differences in the underlying structure of the respective markets. We use Asian Paints and Sherwin Williams as examples of how two equally dominant companies in the same industry have followed completely different paths to dominance. The case study […]


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