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Digital Society

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Digital Society

Investment Strategy

India is rapidly digitising. Digitisation is an invaluable tool in addressing the development needs of the country faster, better and cheaper. Our goal is to enable every Indian to feel empowered and safe when she is online, reap benefits from technology, and face minimal harm from its risks. For this, we need to collectively create a thriving and well-governed digital and data economy. We also need the widespread adoption of responsible tech practices: inclusion, privacy, security, transparency and good governance.

Our funding spans the following areas:

• Building appreciation of the benefits and risks of the data and attention economy
• Enabling individuals to take steps to protect themselves from digital harms
• Building a thriving community of tech innovators who drive progress towards responsible tech practices

• B2B solutions for privacy and good data governance
• Business models that use responsible tech practices as differentiators to build customer trust
• New models that value and monetize data differently, and in an individual-centric manner
• Stewardship on responsible tech practices and standards by tech product leaders

• Evidence to inform the design, refinement, and user-experience of tech for public functions
• Capacity-building of policymakers, and external change-makers and communities engaged on these issues
• Solutions for equitable access to the digital economy and welfare benefits using tech

• Evidence and frameworks that decision-makers can use to set policies for the data economy
• Elements include data privacy, non-personal data, governance of tech businesses, and online speech regulation


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