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Investment Strategy

Omidyar Network India believes there are few more direct pathways to opportunity than education. We invest in solutions that can improve learning outcomes for millions of students by reimagining what is taught and how students learn in the 21st century. This includes developing competencies like critical thinking and creativity, and mindsets such as grit and empathy – which are vital to quality learning and critical for learners to succeed as the workforce of the future.

Our investments and grants span the following themes

1. Tech enabled Live teaching or Assisted-learning models for in-school and after-school usage

2. Omni-channel models for after-school learning

3. Distribution platforms for efficiently targeting students

1. Tech enabled Live teaching or Assisted-learning models for outcomes-linked skilling, upskilling and entrepreneurship training

2. Reimagining curricula, providing admissions support, placement services or full-stack models for college/vocational program students

3. Student financing

4. Recruitment platforms for gig /blue/grey/white collar workers

5. Direct policy engagement and developing other market infrastructure

1. Delivering life skills inside or outside the classroom using scalable curricula, and tech-based models

2. Developing market infrastructure such as assessments for life skills

3. Policy engagement to drive mainstreaming of life skills in curriculum

1. Innovations and campaigns to build awareness and agency of parents/students

2. Discovery platforms that reduce information asymmetry

3. Research/public goods to create evidence of learning

4. Policy reforms that are focused on student outcomes rather than inputs


Equity Investments