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Emerging Technology

Investment Strategy

Omidyar Network India invests in iconic, innovative technology companies in impactful areas which, if successful, will empower hundreds of millions of Indians, especially the NHB, thereby achieving massive impact at scale.

Our work spans the following themes

Providing access to quality, affordable utilitarian products (for example, smartphones, furniture, bikes, apparel, grocery/food), and services (for example, travel and accommodation, transit and transportation, renting a home).

Delivering local language, India-specific content to the NHB based on a deep understanding of their social and cultural context, and addressing particularly underserved segments such as women.

Connecting individuals to job opportunities, and offering safety nets to income earners in the gig economy.

Using a patient-centric approach to improve information/awareness, physical access, and affordability of quality healthcare.

Improving operational efficiencies, yield/income, discovery, and reach of SMEs.