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Our Impact Framework

Staying true to our purpose: How we measure impact

As an investment firm focused on social impact, we feel that it is imperative to measure the impact of our work through our Impact Framework. This not only helps us stay focused on our purpose but also helps our entrepreneurs serve their customers better.

We recognise that measuring impact is an art and a science. In our approach, we strive towards rigour, but aim to avoid the trap of false precision. We capture key metrics in a unifying framework, but also seek to learn from the varied nuances of our investees’ work. We aim for simplicity but strive for insight.

For all of us at Omidyar Network India, the impact achieved to date has spurred an even greater commitment to working with those who can create a meaningful life for every Indian. As our organisation evolves, we plan to refine our approach to incorporate learnings from our experience and continually improve the utility of our impact framework.